Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seeds of Rebellion (Beyonders #2)

Lemme say, I love Beyonders. Ever since I was supposed to meet Brandon Mull once - and got SICK on that day - I've been intrigued by the rest of Mull's work. I read Fablehaven roughly 2 years ago, and it's stayed near the top of my "Favorite Books" list. So, I read the first book, A World Without Heroes, and the end drove me CRAZY!!!! Needless to say, I needed this book.

I love the world of Lyrian - once again, Mull does an amazing job of world-building. Jason is a very relatable character, and witty with the way he deals with Lyrian, too.

I was a bit disappointed with the romance in this book, because I'm a soft-hearted geek, and I ship Rachel/Jason. Corinne is sweet and all, but of course she has to be model gorgeous and makes Jason fall head-over-heels for her. Hopefully, Chasing the Prophecy includes Jason realizing Rachel is amazing, and they go back to the Beyond together. Or something along those lines.

Lyrian is very believable, and Maldor, I admit, is one of my favorite villains. His tactics are so much different than what I've seen before in other books. I kinda wish that Mull would add a chapter from Maldor's point of view, just to see his mindset.

Overall, Mull has done an excellent job of stepping out of the Fablehaven shell with the Beyonders. Read it, by all means!

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