Thursday, June 28, 2012

Incarceron (Incarceron #1)

Okay, so, when I first picked up this book, the thing that grabbed me was the title. "Incarceron". How cool is that? I was really hoping for some good ol' fantasy.
Nope. Just another dystopia.
If your someone like me who can get freaked out by books and then go to bed thinking about them and have nightmares and then wake up in the morning with a fever, DON'T READ THIS BOOK.
Of course, if your not this type of person, go ahead.
The first chapter grabbed me, but I guess that for some reason I couldn't go in the book like I do with most. It was a little too bland. Fisher didn't really develop on the setting and she wasn't very descriptive. Plus, the switch in points of view from Finn fighting for his life in Incarceron to Claudia and her life in the Court don't really fit. 
I would've liked the book more if they just cut out Claudia all together. Finn, I have to admit, is awesome. But going from a high-tech, cold-hearted prison like Incarceron to a pampered Court of cutthroats? Nope. They just don't work.
Claudia is bratty, to me. She's just not very likable. Finn, too, seems a little helpless. The overall plot of the book was a little rushed, and I couldn't really "get" it. But, the romantic junkie I am, I'm really shipping Finn and Claudia.


The thing that freaked me out about the book was how Incarceron is teeny weeny tiny, and its literally just a key chain. All the prisoners are shrunk down, infinitesimal. Not to mention that Incarceron is alive. It talks.

The different elements of the book just don't really "fit". 

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