Thursday, June 28, 2012

Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3 [available March 2013])

WARNING: This review is quite a rant, as the book hasn't exactly come out yet. It does contain multiple spoilers for Clockwork Prince, though.

Isn't it odd that books always have a way of doing the exact opposite of what you want? Like shipping the wrong couple together? That *ALWAYS* happens to me. When I have to wait this long for a book, I can bet that the author is doing a something incredibly devious. Like killing off both the love interests so that Tess dies of loneliness or marries someone else. Or shipping the wrong couple together. 
See, in the first book, when Tessa was all googely-eyes for Will and totally ignoring Jem, I shipped Jem. I thought Will was a complete jerk. An idiot. But then, in the second, after I discovered Will's curse, I was SOOOOO in love with him!!!! But of course, she fell for Jem. Will's story just broke my heart. He had to make everyone hate him for the sake of a curse that wasn't even REAL this entire time. And then Jem proposed. Right when Will was going to proclaim his eternal love for her!!!!! OMG!!! And then he asked Tessa if she loved him too, AND SHE DIDN'T SAY YES!!!!!!! SHE SHATTERED HIS HEART!!!!! WHY, TESSA? I mean, I know she's engaged to Jem, but she could at least have said yes! 
I know some people are saying that she's going to end up with Will, because the romance is similar to Jace and Clary, but that's just it! Clare might want to try a different romance, possibly one with *Jem*????????? But I know how YA works, so I will prepare to have my heart broken when she doesn't end up with Will.

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