Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pet Names, Life, and Update

Why hello my little owlets! Is it okay if I call you owlets? My favorite animals are owls and all different types of birds of prey.... hence the name, BirdsAndPoetry. So, my new pet name for you all is "owlets."

I'm writing this post to assure you that I'm still alive. :) I know I haven't been posting lately.... actually, I haven't posted at all! But with all the obstructions that prevent me from humoring you all (mainly, life), this [blog] is not incredibly high on my to-do list. But I haven't quit reading! I'm actually quite the opposite. I have 5 book reviews to write, but frankly, I'm a bit too lazy to do so. Well, lazy is a bad replacement. I'd say... a severe case of procrastination.

For future reference, and for your benefit, I'll tell you what books I have yet to review.

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar
The Burning Bridge
The Illiad
Night of the Soul Stealer

And I think that's it. Books that I'm planning to read, in the near future:

The Hobbit (and the rest of the LoTR series...and the Silmarillion)
The Hunter's Moon

Books that I'm currently reading:

The Tempest
The Illiad
Witch and Wizard
Attack of the Fiend
The Icebound Land

So this is really more of an update. One thing that downs me is the fact that my crazy life yields me no relief. Many a sleepless night I have spent searching for a comfortable position to read in. And I end up reading 10 pages.

*Sigh*. And then there's the perpetual issue of the apocalypse.

Songs I'm Currently Obsessed With:

"Radioactive" - Imagine Dragons
"Divenire" - Ludovico Einauldi (I recently discovered this classical composer...BEST DISCOVERY EVER)
All Types of Flamenco
"Stairway to Heaven" - Led Zepplin

If you're worldly and observant, you would recognize that both Radioactive and Divenire are from their respective Olympic commercials. I guess the Olympics really are good for something.

Thought of the Day: Why aren't there Intellectual Olympics?

Pondering of the Day: "To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all." ~Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So, I know a lot of you visit my blog. Could you please follow? For me? Pwease? It's not very encouraging to post when others don't appreciate it. Remember my whole shebang about appreciation? Can you show a little for me?

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I want. A. Hedgehog.

Just look at these pictures and try to tell me that you don't want one too.

I've looked up having hedgehogs as a pet on Hedgies and they seem relatively easy to care for, even if you have to make sure they don't get lost or not hold them if their quills are raised. I don't know when I even started thinking about hedgehogs. I just randomly typed in "porcupine," but after learning that porcupines are dangerous, and hedgehogs are cuter, I settled on a hedgie.

So, yeah. Go hedgehogs!