Thursday, June 28, 2012

Crossed (Matched Trilogy #2)

I love Matched, and love this book, but if you want me to answer the eternal question of "to read, or not to read," this is all I'm giving you:


Anyways, I'm really here to rant.

I am Team Xander, all the way. But I know it's not going to happen. The author never chooses the guy I like (Team Gale, and look at where it's gotten me?), so I've learned to not get too attached to a shipping, because it always gets thrown in my face later (Meggie/Farid, anyone?). Although, Xander might have a better chance because he is ((spoiler-part of the Rising)) but Cassia and Ky seem hopelessly infatuated. Cassia has definetly considered Xander, but Ky was just SO much more appealing because he's forbidden. Shippings that might happen:

Ky dead, so she has to choose Xander
Xander dead, so she has to choose Ky (more likely)
Indie dead (more likely)

Cassia kinda annoys me when she finds out that ((spoiler-Indie loves Xander)) because she's suddenly all jealous, even when she hasn't cared about him this whole time.

So yeah, Team Xander! 

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