Saturday, June 30, 2012

Forest Born

Forest Born is about Razo's little sister, Rin, who lives in the Forest with her mother, brothers, and other villagers. Since she was little, she turned to trees for comfort, being comforted by their acceptance. Until the day when the trees began to shun her, and she felt more alone than ever. She decides to join her brother Razo at the Palace and work for the Queen. When an unknown enemy threatens Bayern, Rin finds herself the part of a group of gifted girls; Queen Isi, the Wind-Speaker; Enna, the Fire-Speaker; and Dasha, the Water-Speaker. On the trip, Rin finds out who she is and finds her peace with the Forest.

This book is lovely. It sates your thirst to know more about the Bayern girls, while introducing a new and becoming character. Rin's struggle to find herself can be related to by many teens.

This review is also on Goodreads.

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